Do you remember these three special nights?

Do you remember the night on the balcony, where the sparkling water in the pond annoyed you? When you put your arms around me the first time?

By a kiss followed...


Do you remember the night on the path-like street between fields...there we lay till sunrise. My bike stolen, went home next to you in the car.

 As I dropped out...a kiss...


Do you remember the final night on my sofa? You came because I was confused. You were there for me and asked for my love. You remember the song I sang to you? ~He was a skater boy, she said see you later boy, he wasn't good enough for her...~ Why did this have to become true....

The first kiss without worrying about tomorrow......


I hope that you, please, remember this nights and wish them to come back, that would be our only chance!



23.8.07 14:41

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